“We do not know whether we shall succeed in once more expressing the spiritual form of our future communities in the old religious language. A rationalistic play with words and concepts is of little assistance here; the most important preconditions are honesty and directness. But since ethics is the basis for the communal life of men, and ethics can only be derived from that fundamental human attitude which I have called the spiritual pattern of the community, we must bend all efforts to reuniting ourselves, along with the younger generation, in a common human outlook. I am convinced that we can succeed in this if again we can find the right balance between the two kinds of truth (faith and reason).”  ………………………..Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Beyond

“I am my atoms, but I’m also my cells, I’m also my macroscopic physiology. It’s all true. They’re just different levels of truth. The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and by philosophy is the fundamental truth of the unity. At the deepest sub-nuclear level our reality, YOU and I are literally ONE.” ……………..John Hagelin

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