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Event Date Event Title Details
06/07/2015 “Studying Science Fundamental to Engineering” – J. R. Polytechnic – Tiruchirapalli N.A
21/05/2015 SATSANG FOR TEACHERS – CREA Children’s Academy, Tiruchirapalli – 620012 N.A
21/03/2015 TECHSANG – A technical Satsang @ J.R. Polytechnic College, Tiruchirapalli N.A
10-Mar-14 Invited lecture “Quantum Nature of Consciosuness” at Stella Maris College N.A
01-Dec-13 Birthing of Christ Consciousness – at Auxilium Convent, Tanjore, Tamilnadu N.A
29-Nov-13 Super Motivation through Super Cooperation -t Holy Cross College, Tiruchirapalli, India N.A
17-Jun-13 Leveraging Human Potential – Through Cosmic Consciousness – At Holy Cross College – Tiruchirapalli N.A
14-Jun-13 Five Portals of Wellness – A talk on Biocognition -Presenting the concept of Biocognition to college students at Tiruchirapalli. N.A
02-Mar-13 Business & Budget Planning – Senior Management Staff – Hotel Sangam – Tiruchirapalli N.A
28-Feb-13 Classical & Quantum information – An Overview – Computer Science Department – JA College for Women – Periyakulam N.A