“The old texts comfort us with horizons, they tell us that a loving, a kind, a just father is out there. But according to the scientific view, nobody knows what is out there, or if there is any “out there” at all. There is just a display of things that our senses bring to us…. What lies beyond is a mystery so great that it is going to be inexhaustible in its revelations, and man has to be great enough to receive it.” ………..Joseph Campbell – Mythologist

“We’re reaching a fork in the road; two paths are diverging on planet Earth, and the one we choose will make all the difference for the life of the planet. Shall we continue our medieval religious practices in a medieval paradigm and mechanistic culture and undergo extinction? Or shall we wake up to this dynamic, evolutionary universe and the rise of consciousness toward an integral wholeness?” ……………..Ilia Delio, Franciscan Nun, Theologian in her book  “The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution, and the Power of Love” 2013 

“To gain universal self-consciousness one has to experience the continuity of consciousness from the highest to the lowest, from the most boundless to the most limited. This is perhaps the hidden intent of Vedanta, all too often obscured by many philosophies – but most western philosophers, like Vedanta, and are fundamentally concerned with the distinction between Being and Becoming. All require the concept of illusion or Maya. But whatever it is, it leaves intact the fundamental ground, and therefore one has to cancel everything out and go back to that fundamental ground to gain enlightenment.” ……….Raghavan Iyer – Theosophist

The purpose of SPARK {SPIRITUAL AWAKENING AND RENEWAL THROUGH KNOWLEDGE} is to provide an ambiance for seeking a higher level of wisdom through incisive and thought provoking books, which are well researched, as well as through podcasts which aim at in depth and esoteric interpretation of sacred scriptures and ancient wisdom sayings passed on to us through myths and other forms of knowledge dissemination, thus empowering individuals to live a truly spiritual life.

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