Born in 1942 in Trichirapalli, India, he studied Latin, Mathematics and Science in his pre-graduation days. He then graduated from Madras University (PSG Tech ’65) in Electrical Engineering, later specializing in Electronics and Control systems.

He has done a course in Jungian Psychology.

He worked for thirty six years in the field of Process & Industrial Control. He was responsible in introducing many pioneering technologies including the first ‘Custom LSI’ based alarm monitoring system in process industry. He was also instrumental in indigenous introduction of Intrinsic safety in a major way in Petro-Chemical process in India saving millions of Dollars through import substitution for the Indian government.

He was awarded the ‘Indira Gandhi Piriyadarshini Award – 1993’ for technical contribution to the country by the then Speaker of Lok Sabha, Mr. Shivraj Patil.

He was Managing Director of various high tech companies for 25 years. He had held the position of Group Board Director of a multi-national company in the UK from 1996 to 1999 before being appointed ‘President – Asia-Pacific’ until his retirement in 2002. During his tenure as President of Asia-Pacific he organized seven major strategic alliances with high tech companies in Europe, Australia and the USA. He also set up a trading company in Shanghai, China for a European multinational company.

Throughout his life, he is involved in multi-discipline learning and his field of inquiry covers Cognitive science, Cosmology, Philosophy of Mind, Quantum Physics, Esoteric interpretation of sacred, ancient writings and Mythology.

Since 2003, he has been involved in the study of consciousness both from the spiritual and scientific dimensions.

  • He is the Mentor of an initiative called SPARK (which stands for SPritual Awakening and Renewal through Knowledge) and regularly conducts workshops on the recent findings in the field of Cosmology, Consciousness, Science and Spirituality.
  • Presently he is an Associate in GCSSFS (Global Centre for Study of Sustainable Futures and Spirituality), an international initiative focused on study, research, sharing and action towards sustainable futures and spirituality.
  • He teaches “Science and Religion” to the students in the pre-final year, Bachelor of Divinity, under graduate programme at “Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute”.
  • He has authored more than 400 papers and articles. He is good communicator and systemic thinker and has delivered many keynote addresses, endowment lectures and empowering talks.
  • Two original researched papers presented under the titles “The Gnostic Fibre of Thomasian Evangelization” and “Repositioning Reincarnation Within Christian Eschatology”
  • A book “Meditation on the Sacred Heart of Jesus” which he published 10 years ago is used extensively in seminaries and in retreats.
  • A book of 100 poems titled: “Mystic Delights Through the Senses” has been published and internationally marketed by Notion Press Publishing from August 2018.
  • The first volume of a set of books in 3 volumes under the title: “Self-Empowering Wisdom – Through Deeper Interpretation of Mythologies, Sciences and Sacred Texts” has been published by Notion Press Publishing for international release in November 2018.
  • Blessed Hope Publishing, A subsidiary of Omniscriptum Publishing Group, has republished an earlier edition of the author’s work as “Elevating Our Consciousness – An Integral Approach Through Myths, Sciences and Scriptures” in January 2019

He can be contacted at: