In this information age, the need for explicit meaning in scriptures and rituals is a vital ingredient that is lacking. The literal interpretations and obligatory rituals have left a void in the individual’s spiritual journey and hence, the increasing disappointment in organized religions.
There are 50 articles in this book whose contents aim to provide a deeper spiritual meaning that is conveyed through certain specific symbols and themes such as Agni or Fire, Cave, Cloud, twice-born, Four beasts, Dragon, Trilogy, Hero, Charioteer, Hostile brothers, Inner demon, East, Nakedness, Reincarnation, Redemption, Deluge, Sword, and Twins. These common symbols and themes, across many mythologies and the spiritual significance they convey, are brought out so that the higher nature of man and the spiritual path one has to traverse can be indicated.
The very fact that man seeks a higher and more meaningful knowledge denotes that he is on a path to exploring his true nature or awake to his true self. These symbols and themes cut across all dominant spiritual traditions such as Vedic, Buddhist, Hebraic, Christian, and Islamic religions. Symbols and Themes in Sacred Texts contain the key to unlock the spiritual treasure hidden from humanity through literal and archaic cultural interpretations.

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