In today's video podcast.
I will be doing a reading from my poetry book "Mystic Delights Through the Senses".
This particular poem is titled "Talking Stones" and was inspired.
During my visit to the Hoysala temple in Halebidu.
The stone sculptures In this temple, there are amazing.
When you look at them, you have a deep emotion within you which definitely has to be expressed in only the poetic language.
Please watch and share.
  1. July 21, 2020

    Wow!! Dear annan, I was able to touch and feel the warmth of your poetic fluency in the cold stones of Halebidu… much like the raindrops that continue to caress these timeless sculptures, your droplets of pristine poetry drip and trip over the landscape of my soul and renders an inexplicable serenity that I would yearn for, to linger on and on… kudos!

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